AACCES Development Group &
Training Center

FSF-IHCE has partnered with AACCES Development Group to help improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations.

Our Partners

AACCES Development Group, among its ambitions, assists international organizations in meeting their development objectives and trains its staff (expatriate or local).

It is based in Niger but it receives trainees from all around Africa. The mission of the Center is to bring international organizations and cooperations, NGOs, and private companies as close as possible to the real and complicated implications of their expatriation or projection area.
AACCES trainings are designed to provide humanitarian actors with the skills and expertise they need to cope with harsh and complicated situations during humanitarian operations.

This is in the best interests of our NGO, FSF-IHCE, whose major purpose is to give training and education to people from all walks of life. To improve and expand our work in Africa, we've collaborated with AACCES Development Group. FSF-IHCE aims to give training and education to persons who, with their new skills and knowledge, will be able to make a difference in the lives of those in their communities, especially the most vulnerable. These trainings will also aid in career advancement and opportunity creation, as well as the promotion of the SDGs.




Approvals granted to AACCES & Certifying Qualifications issued:

  • Accreditation from the Ministry of Interior and Security
  • Accreditation from the Ministry of Vocational Training
  • American CTECC certification (Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care)
  • Stop the bleed certification
  • Hpass badges for humanitarian workers

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Get In Touch with AACCES

AACCES Development Support Avenue du Mounio,

Plateau II,

Rue IB-69 BP: 12765,

Niamey Republic of Niger

Email & Phone

(+227) 98 64 34 24/80 80 90 35 

(+33) 06 14 35 19 41